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30 Days Scrum Master Simulation Program

Bronze Package (30 Days): $3,000

With this package we will begin the Scrum Master course with the following:

  • Eight pre-recorded videos: These videos will help teach the Scrum/Agile Fundamentals and the expectation is to watch two videos a week

  • Weekly Zoom Meetings: During this meeting, we will breakdown the learnings from the videos to ensure full understanding of the concept and remove any impediments in your way of comprehending the material 

Additional Tools for Success:

  • “Tell me about yourself” template: This template is to help you formulate your story for your interviews

  • List of “Projects”: The list of “Projects” will provide guidance to assist you in developing your projects to mention during interviews

  • Resume: Done for you

Each class will include the following: In Class Job Training

  • Hands on training: Each student will be given the opportunity to facilitate the class to practice the Scrum Master role so they can be more prepared as well as confident in their ability to lead using Mural & Trello tools.

  • Paired partners: Each member will have a class buddy to foster collaboration in learning

  • Demo: Students will collaborate as a cohort to role-play as well as demo all Scrum Events with the guidance provided in the e-book.

*Bonus Materials:

  • Free ebook to facilitate Scrum Events

  • Free ebook Kickstart your Scrum Master Journey

Please note: This package does not include any certifications and installment (2) payments are allowed!

Recurring Investment of only


For every TWO weeks

100% Money Back Guarantee

Here's is the Buttom line

If you've ever struggled to find the time or ever quit because you didn't have access to a teacher. Or you felt like you didn't know what to do... Then this challenge is for you.

We have mapped out everything for you, you just need to follow along. You will get a 100% refund if you have done all could with no results.

Proven Results

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